WordPress 2.9: Upcoming Features

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WordPress 2.9 is coming up with number of new features. Dougal Campbell, have installed a pre-alpha version of WordPress 2.9 on his blog, gives a quick snapshot of some of the new features of WordPress 2.9.

WordPress 2.9 Features:

  • Trash– This is the most powerful feature that resembles ‘Recycle Bin’ in Windows PC. All the posts, pages, attachments and comments can be recovered via Trash or can be permanently deleted. The feature is quite useful when we accidentally delete a post, page or comment.
  • Post Thumbnails: The image is automatically resized, added and displayed as a thumbnail on main page, archives, etc. By default WordPress logo on the post is added.
  • Image editing – You will notice an image editor in the Media Library. After uploading the images you can rotate, flip, scale or crop the image files.
  • Media embedding – You can embed images, audio, slideshows, HTML etc via powerful oEmbed which currently includes YouTube, Flickr, Revision3, Vimeo, Viddler, Qik, and Hulu and many more. Visit viper007bond blog to find out how to embed media in wordpress posts.
  • Custom post types – General support for post types other than ‘post’, ‘page’, and ‘attachment’.

You must be excited after knowing the new features in WordPress 2.9. Please share your views about it. Which feature did you liked the most? Visit full feature list of WordPress 2.9.

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