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Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created wikipedia and it is one of the the largest, fastest-growing and most popular general reference work currently available on the Internet. It is a very powerful tool like google. Even I use Google and wikipedia in tandem while searching for an information. You can master the art of using Wikipedia to its full potential after reading the full story. There are some 3rd party applications and hacks which can make wikipedia search even simpler. You can even download the Wikipedia encyclopedia for free.

Search Wikipedia with your cell phone

If your are having GPRS enabled phone then you can search Wikipedia using wapedia. The application supports various languages. By default it is set for English. If you want in some other language then visit the website to see if it supports your language.

Search Wikipedia via sms
You can get the results from Wikipedia via sms. Text the words about to short code 23907 and you’ll get back a link to a mobile-friendly, shortened Wikipedia page. e.g. ABOUT HILTON. You will then get a link back to a special mobile-friendly version of the Wikipeida entry.This text messaging interface to the Wikipedia is provided by SMS service GoLive! Mobile . You can even get the RSS News Feeds via SMS as suggested my micropersuasion. Simply text NEWS [Search Term] – eg NEWS ARIZONA – to 23907 and you will get back a link to a special formatted web page. Standard sms rates will apply as per your service carrier.

Wikiwax– Suggest as you type.
It is one of the quickest method to find the articles pertaining to your keywords. Start typing in the box with the cursor. Terms from the website matching what you type will appear in the drop-down. It workd similar to Google searchbox in google toolbar.

Find if similar content exists in Wikipedia using Similpedia.
Enter either a URL of the format: or copy and paste a paragraph of text of at least 100 words to find out who have copied the content without giving any reference of Wikipedia.

Googlepedia-Firefox addon
Shows you a relevant Wikipedia article along with your search results. Clicking links in the article will trigger new Google searches, making it a very useful research tool. It is a must download firefox add-on

Power of WikiScanner
It List anonymous wikipedia edits from interesting organizations. When you make an edit to Wikipedia, you have two choices. First, you can register and leave your username, or you can edit anonymously. But, when you edit anonymously, it uses your IP address, a number which identifies what computer network are you from, in lieu of a username. Wikipedia does this for convenience to distinguish your anonymous edits from someone else’s anonymous edits. In essence, WikiScanner combines two databases: (1) The list of all IP adresses that have made edits to Wikipedia, and (2) What IP addresses belong to which companies. So with WikiScanner you can type a company name, and it shows you what edits have come from IP addresses owned by that company. Well that can be useful for the people who are making research on Wikipedia and the people like me may not be using it.

Disambiguation function of wikipedia
It is used to quickly list down Wikipedia entries that relates to a similar name. For example, to list down all entries that are related to the word “clinton” (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, etc.), type in clinton (disambiguation) in the Wikipedia search box.
Current events in wikipedia
Get the latest news for the whole week with Current Events.

Wikirage – Find the most edits.
This site lists the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time. Popular people in the news, the latest fads, and the hottest video games can be quickly identified by monitoring this social phenomenon.

Download the full Wikipedia Encyclopedia

You can easily download the wikipedia encyclopedia. The current dump is the 2008-02 edition. This dump has no image snapshot, it’s just HTML. You can decompress the archives with 7-zip format. Visit wikipedia download to access database XML and SQL dumps , Static HTML dumps ,MediaWiki software releases and information on DVD distributions.

How to get the wikipedia in DVD format.
It is a compact disc collection of around 2,000 plus articles from the English Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Version 0.5 CD is compatible with Windows (back to 98), Macintosh (Intel) OS X and Linux x86 and is available for $13.99 plus shipping. If you want to download it in your local disc space of your computer for your personal use then visit here. It is absolutely free of charge. Please share your views about this post. via [Lifehacker]. For more tips visit AboutOnlineTips.

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