How to Take Screenshots of Games or Movies Playing in Full Screen mode

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Many of us are fond of playing video games on computer and love to share scores with friends by taking screenshots or sometimes we send those beautiful images of video games via email to friends whenever we play a newly launched game just to show them how the game looks like. Most of us rely on taking screenshots by pressing PrintScreen button. But using this conventional method, the screenshot looks hazy and looses the real touch. How can I take screenshot of video games in Full-screen mode?


In my previous post I discussed about How to take Screenshots of Games or Movies? using Fraps. Well, this is far better option than to take screenshot using PrintScreen button, but Fraps imposes watermarks on screenshot. That’s ugly!!! Is there any other free software that takes screenshots while playing video games in full screen mode? Finally, after lot of search in google I discovered ‘Screenshot Pilot’. You can take multiple screenshots in background without pausing the game or movie like the one which I took (see below).


After Screenshot Pilot is started, it automatically makes multiple screen captures and creates a document with different types of screenshots (active window, full screen, window under cursor).


How to take Screenshots of Games or Movies in Full Screen mode?


Step-01- Download Screenshot Pilot 1.46 (3.2M), and install on your computer.

Step-02- Open Screenshot Pilot and minimize it. The application will be visible in system tray. Right click on it and select ‘Options’. Options windows will pop-up as show below in screenshot. Make sure you assign the ‘HotKey’. You can assign F10, F11, or any other key of your choice. Select the image format you want to take the screenshots and select the default path as well as per your convenience.


Step-03- Select ‘Additional’ tab of ‘Options’ window. Make sure you uncheck the ‘Show application after capture’. This option basically Enable or disable Screenshot Pilot floating after the capture is complete. If you do not uncheck this option then after taking every single screenshot the ‘Screenshot Pilot’ application will open asking you to save the screenshot before continuing to play games. But, that is very annoying. It is better to uncheck the option so that I can save my screenshots after I finished playing game.


Step-04- To get a screenshot, make two steps. Select ‘Capture Type’ and click on ‘Start Capture’ as shown below-


Step-05- Start your game in Full screen mode. Just hit the ‘HotKey’ button (Refer Step-02). You need to hit the HotKey multiple times to take multiple screenshots of your video game. Your screenshot will be saved automatically in the background. No need to pause the game to save the screenshots. Once you finished playing game, just ‘Left Click’ on the icon in systems tray. The application will open up along with the screenshots. Save the screenshots in any of the available image formats – bitmap, PNG, jpeg, TIFF, PCX or emf onto your hard drive, or send it by e-mail. You can also save the result in the document format (.anf), and continue editing it in ‘Annotation Pilot’ later.


With Screenshot Pilot, you can capture screens of an active window or client, full screen, screen region or object, window or menu under cursor, background image, et cetera.


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