20 Twitter Plugins to Sync with Instant Messengers

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Developer community has developed desktop based twitter clients (Windows, Mac, Linux), twitter client for Mobile phones, web based twitter services and much more to send or receive twitter tweets and watch out for trending tweets. Most of the users usually engage in chat with friends on Yahoo, Gtalk or Skype and forget to check out their latest tweet which might be very crucial for their business. Below is a list of Twitter plugin for IM chat services like Gtalk, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Miranda, et cetera. Twitter Instant Messenger Sync

Twitter is most powerful Microblogging service and is different from other social media sites and blogs because its conversations is confined to 140-character. It is one of the fastest medium for companies to connect with the customers by keeping them up-to-date with early peeks or other opportunities.

1) Twip.me – Powerful twitter and IM (Instant Messenger) chat client integration service that allow you to receive tweets, friends updates and direct messages right in your IM chat window and you will also be able to send tweets or DMS (Direct Messages). Twip.me is currently supports Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger and Jabber/Gtalk. Twip.me service allows twitter user to receive twitter updates, follow or unfollow twitter users via IM. Bulk direct messages can also be sent just by comma separating the usernames. Read more on Twip me

2) Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin – WackyB Twitter Sync which has been approved by Yahoo allows you to synchronize your twitter tweets and Yahoo Messenger status. It helps in keeping track of your Twitter friends and notifies you about new tweet received and lets you update both your Yahoo! Messenger status and your Twitter at the same time. Even if you update your Twitter status via mobile phone or any other application from any part of the world, your Yahoo! Messenger status will be in sync with the twitter status and the latest tweet will be visible to your friends.

Features of WackyB Twitter Sync

  • Synchronize Yahoo Messenger and Twitter status
  • Changing your Yahoo! Messenger status updates your Twitter automatically
  • Update Yahoo Messenger status from anywhere in the world! Messenger status automatically updates to show your latest Twitter.
  • Allow you to view latest Tweet of friends in yahoo messenger window.
  • Expanded window shows the last 10 Tweets from you and your friends
  • Alerts and notifications for new Tweets received.
  • Twitter-Sync will NOT update your status if you are currently Invisible.

Download WackyB Twitter Sync plugin

3) TwessengerTwitter add-in for Windows Live Messenger that updates your Messenger Personal Message at regular intervals to reflect your latest Twitter tweet automatically. If you send updates on your Twitter via the web, IM, and SMS from your cell phone, your Messenger status message will show you the latest tweet. Support Windows Live Messenger 8.1 or 8.5 (for Windows XP or Vista) with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Download Twessenger to Sync Twitter and Windows Live Messenger

4) twitter4skype – Twitter BOT for Skype Messenger. Just add it as a friend in your Skype and write a chat message to twitter4skype, the tweet will appear on your Twitter and you’ll receive your friends’ twitters in Skype as well. In short, it syncs your Skype and twitter account. Using twitter4skype is very simple. Just follow the simple steps below to send and receive twitter updates on skype.

  1. Add twitter4skype to your Skype contact.
  2. Type the following as a single chat message to twitter4skype.
    /account (shift+return)
    yourtwitteraccountname (shift+return)
    yourtwitteraccountpassword (shift+return) – send
  3. You’d get a return message: twitter4skype Registration complete!
  4. Write a chat message to twitter4skype which will appear on your Twitter account. And whenever there is a new entry from you or the members you are following, Skype will open up a window and let you view that.

If you are Skype user then you can link Skype 2.8 Beta to Twitter so that anything you type in your Skype message box also visible on Twitter. Follow Dan York instructions on how to link or synchronize Skype IM for Mac and Twitter.

5) TwitterIM – If you are a twitterholic and do not want to miss a single tweet while chatting on MSN or ICQ Instant messengers then TwitterIM is the right choice for you. TwitterIM easily updates your twitter status using your MSN or ICQ messengers.

To update your status on twitter using MSN / Windows Live Messenger just add the email bot msn@twittermsn.com to you contact list, for ICQ users add the number 446510127 to your contact list. Just send a message to these contacts and it will automatically be visible in your twitter account. The mo

Features of Twitter IM

  • The URL’s you type into the message will automatically be converted to TinyURL.
  • The messages to twitter will be delivered even when twitter site is down while you have typed the message.
  • Allows you to create longer tweets.
  • You will also get an email address using which you can update your twitter status by sending an email.
  • Simply send “friends” to the bot and get last 20 updates from your friends.

Download TwitterIM to synchronize tweets in MSN / Windows Live & ICQ Messenger

6) Buddyfuse – BuddyFuse is plugin that integrates chat & social networks like Google Talk, Twitter and Hyves into Windows Live Messenger (MSN). Google Talk contacts get added to buddyfuse, and you can chat with them right from Live Messenger. The utility also allows you to tweet your personal status message. When you add Twitter to BuddyFuse, all your personal status messages are posted to Twitter automatically.

Download Buddyfuse to integrate twitter and Gtalk with Windows Live Messenger

7) TwiTalker – It is a powerful Twitter robot based on Google Talk that lets you updates your timeline in Twitter. All you need to do is just type your message to TwiTalker. Besides, TwiTalker provides several commands to control your Twitter. The tiny twitter robot is powerful that allows you to retrieve direct message, receive last 20 tweets, follow or unfollow on twitter, set refresh rate, reply to a particular tweet, add a tweet to favorite and much more. For full list and how to use TwiTalker visit here.

8) tweet.IM – A free service that allows you to send or receive tweets to Twitter from your existing instant messaging application like Gtalk or Jabber without having to enter your Twitter account. You can also elect to receive tweets from users that you follow, directly in your instant messenger. In short, Twitter.im controls your twitter from instant messenger. For more details visit tweet.IM.

9) TikiTwit – If you are a Mac user then you can use TikiTwit (Open Source) which automatically synchronize your Twitter status with your iChat status.

Download TikiTwit to Sync twitter and iChat

10) SocialBridge – An open source google project that provides Google Talk to Twitter, Google Calendar to Twitter, Google Calendar to Google Talk and Twitter to Google Talk status update. Parameters like waiting time period, proxy settings, language and status update can be set as required.

Download Socialbridge to update Twitter status with Gtalk

11) TwitterIM – Allows users to send and receive Tweets in a normal Adium IM window.

Download TwitterIM  to sync Twitter and Adium IM

12) Miranda-Twitter – A powerful twitter protocol plugin for Miranda IM that allows synchronization of friends list with Twitter. You can easily follow or un-follow twitter users via Miranda IM. Allow you to view current/past Tweets, reply to friends and receive or send direct messages from friends.

Download Miranda-Twitter to Sync Twitter and Miranda IM

13) SyncMood – It is a free Skype plug-in for copying your Twitter messages to Skype message window. Just install SyncMood twitter plugin for Skype and enter Twitter user, whose messages you want to put to Skype Mood. SyncMood stays in your tray bar and periodically updates Skype Mood. Configurable refresh time interval and Possibility to filter out @reply tweets is available with SyncMood.

Download free SyncMood.zip to synchronize Skype IM and Twitter

14) Twype – A small Windows tray utility that syncs twitter and Skype. It checks your Twitter account and grabs the latest tweet in every 5 minutes. The tool is still in alpha stage Julian Bond (developer) might add new functionalities to integrate twitter with other popular IM services like Yahoo and Gtalk.

Download Type to keep Skype and Twitter in Sync

15) Moodblast – Small utility for Mac users to update Skype mood, post to Twitter and Facebook.

Download: MoodBlast 3.2.2

16) MySkwitter – It is a twitter Status Update tool for Skype that updates the Skype Mood Text with the latest Twitter, so that your contacts on Skype can see what you have twittered.
When run for the first time, the application prompts you to connect to the Twitter account, and saves the configuration parameters to %userprofile%\TweetConfig.txt. Just delete TweetConfig.txt file to re-configure the settings, if required.

Download MySkwitter to allow Syncing from Skype to Twitter or vice versa

17) Twitt’d – Allow users to send tweets using their favorite instant messengers like Skype, AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

Download Twitt’d to send tweets with instant messengers

18) Twit4Live – It is a Windows Live Messenger Extension to synchronize twitter. It updates your status on twitter, lets you view twitters and send them to your contacts and set as your PSM. Automatically notifies you with the latest tweets from your friends.

Download Twit4Live for Windows Live Messenger & Twitter integration 

If you are a Pidgin poweruser then you can follow downloadsquad guide on how to add twitter support to pidgin for windows users or use twitter sync plugins listed here.

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