Speedup your .NET Application with EQATEC Profiler

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.NET developers can now run their .NET application faster with EQATEC Profiler. EQATEC Profiler is a .NET code profiler that helps you to spot the problem in application’s slow code. There is no need to changes the source code. Just point the profiler to your app, run the modified code, and get a performance report to see optimization effect. With report you can easily figure out how many times each method was called and how long it took. You can then speedup.NET application by optimizing the expensive methods.

Features of EQATEC Profiler

  • Profile any .NET 2.0+ application
  • Only code profiler for .NET Compact Framework
  • Comes with a command-line version, too
  • Use precise instrumentation to present a full method-call graph
  • Compare different runs to help you see your optimization’s effect
  • Fully-featured version is completely free for non-commercial use

Download EQATEC Profiler

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