S3E: Amazon S3 client to Manage Buckets and Transfer Files

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Amazon Web Service S3 is widely used by webmasters and bloggers to host Images and media files to handle sudden increase in traffic arising from Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon. Browsing your files is Amazon S3 is not so simple. Previously we shared 35+ Amazon S3 Tools and Plugins for Windows, Mac and Linux, adobe air based Amazon S3 Image Manager, firefox extension S3Fox Organizer (S3Fox) to drag and drop image files between desktop and the AWS S3 service.


S3E is yet another Adobe AIR based cross-platform Amazon S3 client that allows you to manage buckets, browse objects, upload and download objects and transfer files between your computer and Amazon S3 account. It supports copy and paste as well as drag and drop. In order to use Amazon S3 client S3E, just sign up for the Amazon S3 web service and enter your S3 access key and secret access key as shown in the screenshot.

S3E Features and usage

  1. To upload files, just click on the “Upload” button, or drag files in from other applications. You can also upload or drag multiple files at the same time.
  2. S3E allows you to paste only files from the clipboard.
  3. To download files, you can either copy them to the clipboard, or drag and drop them out of the application to the file system.
  4. S3E support keyboard copy/paste shortcuts, as well.


  • Amazon S3 account
  • Adobe AIR 2

Download S3E Amazon Client to manage buckets

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