Remove and Hide Facebook Ads easily.

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Facebbok is a smart app for networking and keeping up with your friends and acquaintances and their online activities. But the unnecessary third party ads annoys a lot. Facebook user who uses Mozilla Firefox web browser can get a sigh of relief because using greasemonkey scripts you can remove or hide ads contents and banner advertisements blocks easily. Install greasemonkey plug-in in Firefox, restart the Firefox browser and then install one of the following Greasemonkey scripts.

Remove All Facebook Ads
Removes banner ads as well as “sponsored” news feed and sidebar items from Facebook.

Removes Facebook Flyer and Network advertisements.

Hide Facebook Ads
This script finds any “Facebook Flyer” adverts that come on on the left side of your homepage on Facebook, and hides them.

Facebook – Hide FeedAds
This script hides the Ads inserted into your Facebook Feed

Facebook Companion 1.4
Removes Facebook ads/flyers, adds a “Ignore All Requests” button, & it adds a plus over all thumbnail images in Facebook so you can see the full image. You can also add a “Ignore All Requests” button (perfect for those annoying application invites)

Prevents any Facebook wall entries containing ads for “PirateQuest” from appearing.

UnFuck Facebook

A total redesign of Facebook that gets rid of apps and ads that no user would ever want to see. This script is for anyone who is sick and tired of having to navigate through all the adverts and spam that has been filling Facebook . The purpose of this script is to remove any mention of a third party app on all of Facebook. This script will greatly change your facebook experience. Make sure to remove all third party apps and then go here to change privacy settings and select the “Do not share any information about me through the Facebook API” radio box. Click the save button and you will never have to deal with another application invitation.

Facebook Declutterer
This script efficiently removes intrusive adverts and clutter from facebook
. It removes all adverts from your home page, including those which appear in the news feed and on the right, as well as the big flashing one on the left. It also removes Facebook’s internal advertising, mini-feed ads and new homepage “social” and feed ads.

You can also
install adblock plus, which blocks all banner ads, everywhere.
If you are an IE user, you can choose Adblock Pro 1.4 to get rid of those annoying ads to make your online experience smooth.

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