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I recently received a bunch of scanned documents on my mail.It was very difficult for me to find out certain topics because in scanned documents you cannot search for the text.The only way to do so is to convert the scanned document into the format which is easy to search for a computer.OCR is the technique to achieve this.Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) your computer can take text from a scanned page and insert it into a text file, or word processing document.Using Microsoft Office Document Imaging you can read or extract text from a scanned document and convert it into a readable Word document.

To test the hack follow the simple steps below:

1) Take any documet and scan it with your scanner, and scan each page in TIF format.

2) Load your documents into MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging).Find it in following path

Click Start > All Programs >Microsoft Office >Microsoft Office Tools >Microsoft Office Document Imaging

If it is not available to you then look into the CD purchased by you.May be during custom installation you have not loaded it.

3)In MODI, click File–>Insert File. Find and locate the scanned TIF file (from step 1) containing your document.
If you want to insert more then one file you can do so. Make your selection as per the instructions and then click OK.

Once all the TIF file have been inserted into Microsoft Office Document Imaging, you can start the OCR process. Click on the “Send Text to Word” button present in menu.It will look as

When you click the “Send Text to Word” button a dialog box will prompt whether you wish to insert all the pages, or only the selected ones. Make your choice and press “OK”, and the text of your essay will be inserted into a Microsoft Word Document.

You can now format, edit, and save your new word processing document.

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