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Pen drive or removable drive is the most common source of carrying data. It is commonly used in schools or colleges and in office as well. The most common source for spreading virus across computer is none other than USB drive or pen drive. There are many softwares available to prevent the spread of virus but you need to shell out decent amount of money to buy them.  Using iKill you can easily prevent your computer from deadly viruses or Trojan virus easily.

In general a USB drive of any kind, a pen-drive, iPod, mp3 Players, mobile phones, all
may contain viruses, they just act as carriers, and whenever you try to open the drive by double clicking the viruses/trojans exploit the autorun.inf file to execute themselves. They even may
shadow the Open, Explore, Search, etc, other features using the shell commands.. like..

shell\Explore\command = virus.exe

Here, when you right click on the drive icon and click on Explore, virus.exe would be launched,
infecting the whole system, and then it will start spreading the deadly viruses.

How does iKill works –

As soon as you insert the removable drive it detects it by scanning. When it found the removable drive, it parses the autorun.inf file for the executables it may run.

If AutoProtect is enabled in the iKill Application, it will automatically delete the files present on the drive; otherwise, you will be asked if you want the suspected files deleted.

If you’re sure that the executable file may be a virus, then click Yes, if not, then click No. I would suggest you to uncheck the AutoProtect option, just to prevent the important files to be deleted accidently

Basically there is limited use of the autorun.inf file in you removable drive, For example, It may be used in configuring the Wireless home network. In most cases it is rarely used. I would suggest you to delete it. After all “Prevention is better than cure”.

Minimum Requirements:

1) OS – Windows [98, 2K, XP, Server 2003, Vista…].
2) Processor 400MHz+
3) Ram – 96 MB
4) Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 .

Download -[iKill Application]

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