Automatically Open Multiple Tabs with your Favorite Websites on Start up in Firefox

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Being a technology blogger, I visit some websites daily to keep myself updated with the latest technology trends. But, opening the sites manually or opening them directly from bookmark is sheer waste of time. Is there a way with which multiple websites can be opened in a single click? In IE browser, you can only set one homepage, but in firefox browser you can set multiple homepages as well. There are actually two ways of opening multiple websites with a single click in firefox browser. Using command Line and tweaking main settings of firefox browser. You may choose any of the methods listed below.


Firefox’s command line interface

To open multiple websites in firefox, you need to create a batch file (*.bat) and save it on your desktop. Mention the firefox executable file path along with the url of the websites you want to open. Format of the command must be-


firefox.exe “url of site1” “url of site2” “url of site3” and so on.


How to create a batch file-

  • Open Notepad and write the following command-
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "" "" ""
  • Click File->Save As… and select Save as Type as ‘All Files’.
  • Save the file with .bat extension on the desktop so that double clicking opens it up directly. For example, firefox-homepage.bat
  • Note- Check the firefox.exe file path in your computer.


    Double click firefox-homepage.bat. It will eventually open the websites, and in three different tabs of a single firefox window.


    Changing Firefox Browser Settings

    This is the easiest method with which you can customize Firefox to automatically open multiple tabs with your favorite websites on start up.

    • Select ‘Tools > Options’
    • Select the ‘Main’ tab
    • In the ‘Startup‘ group, select ‘Show my home page’ from ‘When Firefox Starts’ drop-down list
    • In ‘Home Page’ field, type the name of the multiple websites you want to open by separating each one with a ‘|’ (Pipe without quotes) as shown in screenshot above.
    • Click ‘OK’ to apply and save the changes.

    Close the firefox browser and re-open it. The websites that you mentioned above will load automatically.




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