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Are you being interested in writing a guest post for We are happy to announce an open invitation to all guest posters who want to contribute to this blog in exchange for backlinks and hopefully exposure and traffic. The purpose of this blog has always been to help computer and internet user by providing advance computer tips and tweaks, freeware software and internet tools, security tips, blogging tips and get them acquainted with latest technology news. Learn more about this blog here. Now that the blog has achieved critical mass and generated a regular audience, I would like to build a small group of occasional posters with an international perspective to share their experiences and knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. We think we all will benefit from your expertise and insights.

List of sample topics that you could write or blog about –

  • Advance Computer Tips.
  • Freeware Softwares.
  • Blogging Tips.
  • SEO Tips.
  • Adsense Tips.
  • Internet Application Tips.
  • Ubuntu/Windows/Mac Tips.
  • Mobile or Smartphone Application Tips.

If you are interested in contributing, send an email with to If you want yourself to get noticed in the mass then send me at least one photo. If you wish to conceal your identity then your name or Photo will not be published. All submissions must also be original, unique content written by you that are not posted elsewhere on the Internet. Submissions may be accepted but only if they are non-commercial in nature and benefit the visitors.


Contributors will receive attribution for their work, including links to your web site and a short description of his profile. I will work with all contributors to edit your material so that it fits the formatting conventions and editorial standards of Contributors will retain copyright of their submissions, but grant the right to post their content online.We look forward to your inputs suggestions and comments. Please feel free to cascade this information to your colleagues or friends who might not be acquainted with this blog. You may also like to subscribe to my blog for updates or may follow me @twitter.

In addition, if you have an existing blog or web site, we would be happy to guest blog on your site. Please contact us ( to discuss.



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