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CodySafe is software tool for managing portable applications. You can easily manage you documents, multimedia files and pictures on your USB or flash drive.  Just carry your computer programs with you, manage them, launch them on any PC, without leaving any footprint behind. The most promising feature that CodySafe provides is ‘Drive Doctor’. If your autorun.inf file is changed since last run then it will give you an alert message and helps you in keeping your portable drive healthy. The user interface is stylish and elegant and is in sink with Windows Vista and Windows 7 menus.

We have already discussed about portable Ubuntu for Windows, portable Linux, a list of 10 popular portable browsers, list of 50 killer portable tools for USB drive and how to create portable application for free earlier. Let us now identify what CodySafe can do for you-


·         Add and remove portable applications

·         Manage Auto-Run applications feature

·         Keep your drive healthy with Drive Doctor

·         Prevent and detect AutoRun viruses infection

·         Set custom command line parameters

·         Manage documents and pictures, music and video on your removable media

·         Always know the amount of used and free space of your portable drive


CodySafe also provides the following unique features that are not provided by anybody including U3 and PortableApps, Ceedo, PStart, 8start or ZPin

·         Automatic application ranking based on frequency of its usage

·         Grouping and categorizing of applications

·         Management of automatic launching of portable applications

·         Adding applications that are not compatible with framework.


CodySafe is working on providing strong security for your portable drive in their next release. They are planning to include the security tools that can divide the portable drive to several partitions and manage them, encrypt the files and folders, encrypt the disk and partitions and tools for extended backup and synchronization


Requirements and Download Links –

·         USB portable drive with 5 Mb free space

·         Windows® XP or later


Download – [CodySafe]

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