Download iREB 3.1 – iPhone 3GS ShSh Grabber (Windows)

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iH8sn0w has released a new version of iREB 3.1 for Windows OS and is available for download. The guys have fixed the crashing problem on Windows and Mac that the previous version had. The developers are working hard and we may soon have updated release for Mac OSX users as well.


What does iREB 3.1 do?

  1. Put your iPhone 2G/3G and the 1st generation iPod Touch into DFU mode for restore instead of using recovery mode.
  2. Allow iPhone 3GS users to save their ECID SHSH signed files from Apple for iPhone OS 3.1 to downgrade to firmware 3.1 once 3.2 comes out so that you can jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch if you accidentally upgrade to iPhone OS 3.2.
  3. iH8sn0w’s iREB tool lets you bypass the new iTunes 16xx Restore Error (all of 16xx and 21).

Video Demonstration:

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