How to add,embed or insert Youtube videos into SlidShare

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The most requested and awaited feature have been included inside slideshare. Users can now embed youtube videos inside their Flash-based slideshare presentations. Screencasts can also be embedded into slideshare. At present, you can only add upto 5 videos per presentation. The good part is that the player will allow you to play only one video at a time. If you start playing a second video, you will loose your control on the first one. You can also choose the exact location on which the video to be placed. Once you have uploaded your presentation, it’s time to upload a video


How to embed YouTube Videos in Slideshare?

Follow simple steps below-

  1. Upload your slide into SlideShare as usual
  2. Go to Edit slideshow ->Insert YouTube videos tab.
  3. Paste the YouTube URL into the box.
  4. Select where you want the video to appear in your presentation from the dropdown.
  5. Hit “Insert and Publish” and you’re done!
  6. The video will now appear inside your presentation

How can I insert the videos at the desired position?

Slideshare automatically detects how many slides your presentation contains and displays all possible positions in the dropdown selector. Something like – “Before Slide 1”, “After Slide 1”, “After Slide 2”, “After Slide 3” etc. Just choose whatever position you want.


For more details visit Slideshare Blog.



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