16 Ways to Track Links Shared on Twitter or Friendfeed

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How do you track what links are being clicked on twitter, from which location the links were clicked, which links actually sent you traffic, who referred which links, et cetera. Below is the list of 16 sites that actually provides you real time analytics of the links shared on micro-blogging service like twitter.




1) Su.pr – StumbleUpon have now launched Su.pr, another url shortening service. It is not just another url shortening service. Su.pr keeps track of shortened urls, viewing stats for how much traffic StumbleUpon sends to a given site, Twitter and Facebook integration, and much more. Su.pr also allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook directly. If you want schedule your message for a later time and day, then su.pr does it for you. The Su.pr link shortening service offers the following-

  1. Real time analytics – Statistics like how many people click through your links, how many came via StumbleUpon, et cetera.
  2. Publishing to Twitter and Facebook – Su.pr allows you to publish including the ability to schedule the links and messages at a specific time.
  3. Suggested posting time- This is most unique feature offered by Su.pr. Based on historical data concerning when people are most likely to click through your links, the service will suggest you posting time.
  4. A handy bookmarklet that makes submission of links quick and easy.


2) Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics has a feature called URL tagging with which you can track any online campaigns easily. Google Analytics accepts following variables for tracking twitter

  1. Source (utm_source). The origin of a referral to a web site. When someone clicks on your web link in Yahoo search result page, Yahoo is the source.
  2. Medium (utm_medium). If you use Adwords to drive traffic from Google, the source is Google and medium is Adwords.
  3. Campaign (utm_campaign). The dimension that differentiates product promotions such as “Laptop Sale.”

Darren Rowse has posted the step by step process of how to track links shared on twitter with Google Analytics.


3) Tweetburner – It is a free service that keeps track on the links you share on twitter and friendfeed and display it in a simple tabular form. Tweetburner will reflect the date you posted the link along with number of clicks. Once you sign-up with tweetburner, add the login credentials for twitter and friendfeed under the settings menu. It is important to note that the tool does not track the links you posted in past (before sign-up).


4) Twitter AnalyzerThe best user friendly Twitter analytics tool. It provides twitter statistics details. by charts. The chart are provided by amcharts to display the data such as – Comparison chart for number of clicks for different links. It also keeps track of your shared links in twitter in real time.


5) cli.gs Cligs shortens your URLs and tracks the clicks they get. Make sure you are logged in to view the traffic statistics of the short URL you create. Cligs keeps track of the following in real time:

  1. Hits time: when your traffic came in.
  2. Geographical location of the visitors.
  3. Search engine bots: If the search engines found your links
  4. Referral statistics: which links actually sent you traffic?
  5. Social media monitoring: for both the short URL and its destination, Cligs tracks the following:
    • Twitter mentions: Who tweeted about your link?
    • Friendfeeed mentions: Who shared your link on Friendfeed?
    • Blog links: Which blogs wrote about your short URL?
    • Web links: Not just blogs, but all websites: who is linking to you?
    • Blog comments: Who is writing about your short URL in blog comments around the web?
    • Delicious saves: for the destination only, Cligs tracks who saved the link to their delicious account.

Cligs is strongly recommended as it is search engine friendly and does not block any search engine crawlers and uses 301 permanent redirect.


6) Bit.lybit.ly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). It provides the following details for today, past week, past month, Total-

  1. Number of clicks in real time.
  2. Location of users who clicked on the links.
  3. Referrer details.
  4. Twitter Conversation.
  5. Metadata Details

Tracking stats are available after users shorten their long links with bit.ly by clicking on the “Info+” link on bit.ly, or just adding a “+” sign to the end of any bit.ly link (for e.g, http://bit.ly/1aMaXc+).


7) Budurl – Budurl is another url shortening service which also keeps track of the links you shared. Budurl provides following details-

  1. Number of clicks in real time in chart format.
  2. Tracks from where the clicks are originating.
  3. Tracks which cities, states, and countries drive your traffic.
  4. Referrer details along with clicks.

The service uses 301 and 307 permanent redirects which are search engine friendly.


8) Tr.im – Trim is one of the best service to create short urls and then track your tr.im URL’s visits. With tr.im statistics, you know a link’s popularity.

  1. A track of URL clicks in real time.
  2. Tracks the visitor’s location.
  3. Provide the statistics of the referring website.
  4. Tracks from where the clicks are originating.


9) allyourtweet – It shorten your urls quickly and allows you to track the links. With allyourtweet you can easily find out how many followers clicked your url.


10) TweetClicks – It allows you to shorten the URLs you share on Twitter.  TwitClicks will also  provide you with following traffic details –


  1. Which of your followers are clicking on your links.
  2. Locations of the visitors clicking the links.
  3. Tracks from where the clicks are originating.
  4. Technical Stats.

Below is a short video which tell about how actually TweetClicks keeps track of the links you shared on twitter.


11) TweetStats If you are only interested to find out number of clicks for the links you shared on twitter then tweetstats may work best for you. Just provide the username and tweetstats will provide you total number of clicks for your shared links on twitter. The service graph your Twitter Stats including-

  1. Tweets per hour
  2. Tweets per month
  3. Tweet timeline
  4. Reply statistics


12) Twitalyzer If you use Google Analytics, you can now use Twitalyzer to better understand referrals from Twitter. By logging in temporarily to Google Analytics, Twitalyzer will gather data about traffic to your site from Twitter and combine that with Twitalyzer’s influence, generosity, and signal-to-noise ratios. In short, Google Analytics + Twitalyzer = Twitter Analytics


13) Short.ie – Store all the links you create and track how many clicks they’ve received. You can also share this list with friends.


14) Poprl – It is not a popular url shortening service but provides a detailed analysis of URL/s shared on twitter.

  1. Tracks of URL clicks in real time.
  2. Tracks the visitor’s location.
  3. Tracks Citywise Clicks
  4. Tracks Country wise clicks


15) Kl.am – It provides detailed statistics about the links shared on twitter. It gives not only the total number of clicks received but also the total number of unique visitor. Provides detail like unique visitore in past 24 hours or unique visitors by country. Kl.am auto-updates the statistics every 20 seconds.


16) idek.net – It is a another url shortener, providing metrics and analytics for your urls. Idek provides-

  1. Total Number of Clicks
  2. Clicks per – minute, hour, and day
  3. Clicks by Hour of Day, Day of Week, Calendar Day
  4. Number of tweets
  5. Number of tweets of url translated to other popular shortening services
  6. Number of tweets of the destination url



If there are other good services available to track the links shared on twitter please share them via comment section.

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