How to Swap the Faces between two Images

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Want to copy one’s face to another’s body? You need not to be a photoshop expert to swap the faces between two images. FaceSwapper  is a free tool allows you to swap faces between images.  The tool handles everything from detecting and selecting faces in both the original and target images to adjusting colors, gamma and angle of the face to make it blend seamlessly with the destination background.

You need not to do adjustments in color or selection of face. Just click the two faces with a mouse. FaceSwapper will recognize the difference and adjusts the face being transplanted to match the exact color and gamma of the destination image to produce photo collages that as natural as the original.

The best part of the tool is that the FaceSwapper operates in all three dimensions, allowing you to adjust the exact angle and rotation of the original face. Full 3D operation produces smooth, natural-looking faces that look blended into environment as opposed to being cut and pasted see the screenshot above).

Download – FaceSwapper  

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