How to remove ads in real player ?

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Many of us use Real Media player to hear your best music and watch our favorite movies.But everytime whenever you open the real player some advertisements pop up.That must be annoying you since long.Same is the case with me.Then i decided to switch to some other player to get rid of those ads but later i switched back to real player.The reason being that it supports many audio-video file formats which others do not support at all.So do i need to watch ads evertime again and again whenever i open up to play any song or movie? To get rid of the ads i tried many tricks.First i disconnected my laptop to see if ads are still there.I was amazed to see that the ads still poping up.It was confirmed that these ads are stored somewhere in any of the real player folder.Finally i removed one folder and i achived the desired results.There was no single sign of irritating advertisements.

I will tell you a step by step approach to get rid of ad pages in real player.You can do it in just 5 simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Go to Windows Explorer

Step 2 : Go to Program Files>Real>Real One Player.
Step 3 : Under Real One Player folder, search for “rpplugins” folder. Search for “rpwe3260.dll” file and delete it from “rpplugins” folder.
Step 4 : After that go to Program Files -> Common Files -> Real -> Common.
Step 5 : Delete the “twebbrowse.dll” file.

After deleting these two files, the ads on your favourite Real Player will no longer pop out. You can enjoy your songs and movies peacefully.

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