How to use Purplera1n to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on Mac

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Earlier we have already reported about the release of Mac version of Purplera1n to Jailbreak iPhone 3G S running 3.0 firmware. Last week, GeoHot also released the Windows version of Purplera1n. The Mac version of Purplera1n is only for intel based Mac and PPC Mac users will get error. Below is the step by step guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on Mac.


How to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with Purplera1n


Step-01- Connect you iPhone 3GS to your computer.

Step-02- Open, and click the Mac logo to download Mac version of Purplera1n.

Step-03- Unzip the tool, and double-click the purplera1n icon to launch the app. PPC Mac users will get error as shown below.

Step-04- Press the button – ‘Make it ra1n!’.

Step-05- The iPhone will go into recovery mode and will show you message – ‘Waiting for iPhone’

Step-06- Soon you will notice Geohot’s image on your iPhone. Wait for some more time, say a minute or two. You will notice the message – ‘ Done! Wait…’ on your iPhone 3GS.

Step-07- A new app ‘Freeze’ will be installed after your iPhone 3GS boots.

Step-08- Open Freeze and tap ‘Install Cydia’. It will now download and install the Cydia package. Follow the Cydia Installation instructions.

Step-09- Enjoy!! Your iPhone 3GS is now jailbroken.



Once that you’ve got your jailbreak done, you can then use the ultrasn0w utility from Cydia to unlock your iPhone 3GS. You can also use redsn0w to unlock your iPhone 3G. If you are looking to unlock or jailbreak your iPhone 3G S you are advised not to upgrade to 3.1. Geohot and Dev team has also advised users to save their iBEC and iBSS Signature Certificates of iPhone OS 3.0 for upcoming Jailbreak tools.


For any issue on jailbreaking iPhone 3GS just email at GMail and attach your purplera1n.log file. Or call the purplera1n support hotline @ (650) 265-1210. You may follow George Hotz on Twitter.

Download – [Purplera1n (beta) for Mac]

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