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Encrypt or password protect your videos, if you want to maintain your privacy. There are many video encryption tools that are available on internet and most of them are shareware and are only available for trial use. You need to shell out money to buy software that can lock your videos using passwords. Video file encryption process becomes easy, with tools like “Video Sanctuary.”

Video Sanctuary

Video Sanctuary is a free tool that allows you to encrypt video files to protect your videos. This video protection software Video Sanctuary provides simple user interface. All you need to do is just select the video file you want to encrypt and provide the password. Click the ‘Encrypt’ button and your video file will be converted into password protected executable video file. To unlock, open or play the encrypted video, just enter the playback password.

Playback Password is unique for every machine and generates a Unique ID. Only the distributor knows how to generate the playback Password.

Video Sanctuary, video encryption software also allows you to delete the original copy of your video simultaneously. But it is recommended to manually delete the video file once you encrypt it and test it by playing encrypted video.

Download Video Sanctuary to Password Protect Videos

Video Sanctuary

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