How to Add Emoticons or Smiley in Twitter for powerful Tweets

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An emoticon is a nice way to communicate with your online friends by sending small graphical image or ASCII style text. Do you know that while tweeting on twitter you can send emoticons as well. Being UTF8 compatible Twitter accepts more than just basic text. For example –



Below are some of the methods using which you can send emoticons on twitter client and add spice to your conversation.


Method#1 – TwitterKeys

TwitterKeys is a small tool developed by @boris & @sandervdv that provides a floating window with all the funny symbols you can use in Twitter. Sending emoticons in twitter is simple.

  • Drag TwitterKeys link to the browser.
  • While tweeting, just click on this bookmark, a window will open.
  • Double click on the emoticon you want to send.
  • Copy (ctrl+v) and then paste to the twitter client to send it.

Method#2 – Twitter Emoticons (userscript)

It replaces text-based emoticons on twitter with image based emoticons from yahoo. This userscripts works on Greasemonkey scripts. To install userscript, make sure you are using firefox browser. If not, download and install firefox from here first. Once installed, add firefox addon Greasemonkey. Restart the browser. Now, visit Twitter Emoticons Script here. You will notice an Install button. Click the button to install Twitter Emoticons. Restart the browser again.


There is a list of emotions that works only during Halloween in twitter client. Below is the list of such emoticons-


If you find them difficult to implement then you can always use some ascii style emoticons like-



For full list of ASCII style emoticons visit here.


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