How to Add Watermark to Videos for free

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Watermark is the only way to protect your videos before you post on internet. Watermark is a text or a logo that appear continuously on video screen which identifies the owner of the media. There are number of video watermarking tools that are available, but you need to shell out some money to buy those. Using MPEG Streamclip you can watermark your videos for free. You can easily enter text as a watermark as shown in the screenshot below. Option to import a logo as a watermark is not available as of now.


To use MPEG Streamclip in Windows XP and Vista, you have to download and install QuickTime Alternative 1.81. For watermarking only version 1.81 is compatible. Once you click the download page select version 1.81 only. Follow the steps below to watermark your videos.



1.)     Download QuickTime Alternative 1.81. Unzip it and double click MPEG_Streamclip (exe) file.


2.)     Select MPEG video File from the menu and then choose Export to. Select any format, for example Export to QuickTime.


3.)     The Exporter window will open up. Select Adjustments as shown in screenshot. 


4.)     Type any text or your website address in Watermark box provided. The “Watermark” text field is used to superimpose a text to the final movie: the text will appear in the lower-right corner. Adjustments will take effect only if you click OK.


5.)     Once done click on Make Movie button. Now choose the folder and filename for your watermarked video. Open up the movie file to see the watermark video (refer first screenshot).




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