5 Best Tools for Translating Movie Subtitles

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Subtitles are printed translation of the dialog in films and television programs displayed at the bottom of the screen which are helpful for viewers who are deaf and hard-of-hearing to follow the dialog. Earlier we have discussed how to add regional language subtitles in a Movie or video file of foreign language. But, many times you may not find popular movie with subtitles in your regional language. In such cases it is advisable to translate the subtitles. Below is the list of 5 free powerful tools for translating subtitles.


Open Subtitle Translator

This program works translating SRT subtitle files line by line by sending the speaks to the google language tools and filling the with the new one translated.

Download – Open Subtitle Translator


Gnome Subtitles

Gnome Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop. It supports the most common text-based subtitle formats and allows for subtitle editing, translation and synchronization.

Download – Gnome Subtitles


Subtitles Translator

The tool helps in translating subtitles in MicroDVD format from one language to another. The subtitles files must be in MicroDVD format ({start_frame}{end_frame}subtitles_line) in language from which you want to make the translation. The tool will not automatically translate srt files for you. You have to translate every single line yourself which is a pain.

Download – Subtitles Translator


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