Free Laptop Battery Power Monitor For Windows

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If you are looking for a tool that can monitor the current status of the battery of your laptop then BatteryBar is the perfect app for you. BatteryBar is a free Windows battery meter that not only monitors the status of your battery and displays your battery’s status in the taskbar but also keeps historical data on your battery and provides you with a very accurate estimate of how much time is remaining on your battery. BatteryBar supports 13 languages.



The interface of BatteryBar is user friendly, the app shows the percentage bar in green, yellow, or red, depending on how much battery power is remaining. The bar displays the time left on your battery in Hours:Minutes


When charging, the percentage bar reflects blue color to indicate charging, and the estimated time to full charge is shown. The bar turns black and shows “On A/C” when fully charged.


BatteryBar captures detailed information about your laptop battery like max capacity (mW), current capacity (mW), charge rate (mW), discharge rate (mW), and more.


With Pro version which comes at USD 7.50 you can receive Low battery and critical battery notifications and audio alerts and can customize 20 settings, including changing the font, low battery warning levels, and more.

Download [BatteryBar]

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