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People working on computer for long periods without a break are at greater health risk as their tendency to gain weight is more than others. Prominent bloggers like Michael Arrington and GigaOm have reported serious heart problems lat year. It is important to make sure that your seating position on chair is correct and strain on eyes is minimal. is a free, web-based ergonomic exercise program especially designed for users who work on computers for long periods at a time.  Once installed and started it reminds you with animated stretching and strengthening exercises over a period of time. The reminder program consists of more than one hundred short animations of exercises; gentle warm-ups that can help reduce computer-related stress and tension as well as help prevent RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) from developing.


How to use ergocises?

  1. Download and install ergocise.
  2. After completing the installation select one of the four predefined time intervals (15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes),
  3. Minimize the program to your system tray, and go back to your work until it automatically launches your browser and directs you to the ergocise website.
  4. You will notice an animated demonstration of a particular stretching activity along with instruction and the purpose

Most ergocises can be done at your desk, right in front of your computer. Some of the exercises may require the use of a desk, chair, wall or doorframe. These exercises, when done correctly, should help ease some of the strain you may experience from sitting at a computer all day. If you are suffering from RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then these exercise may help you in preventing such injuries.


Important Note-

  1. Remove high heels when stretching the hamstrings, since they impede the stretch.
  2. If you already have a RSI or have chronic pain, please go see your doctor before doing any ergocises.
  3. Never stretch to the point of pain or push yourself further than your limits.
  4. These exercises are in no way a replacement for medical advice or care from a physician.

Verdict- ‘Excellent’ The website is designed in such a way that users can conveniently browse the site for stretches for specific parts of the body.

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