10 Best Desktop Torrent Search Engine Tools

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We often use web browser to check many Torrent sites like thepiratebay, Mininova or IsoHunt to search for a particular torrent and the experience is really annoying with multiple pop-ups, advertising, spyware and virus threats. Instead use the following free desktop torrents search engine tools that lets you search torrents right from your desktop from multiple torrent indexers at once, without opening them, saving a lot of time. The tools also allow you to download torrents without having to switch pages. Below is the list of 10 popular Desktop Torrent Search Engine clients available for Windows and Mac users.

Torrent Desktop Search Tool

1) Bit Che – It is a powerful and fastest desktop torrent search engine tool that makes your torrent searching experience a better one. Bit Che provides you with organized search results from a lot of torrent websites like PirateBay, IsoHunt, MiniNova, BTJunkie, ZeroTracker, Mp3Nova, BTMon, TorrentBox, TorrentPortal and many more.


Bit Che allows you to preview the torrent details like its source page by reading the torrent file directly and provides you with filtered results (remove duplicate torrents) found across the different sites that it searches.

After you install Bitche on your PC, start searching about torrent you are looking for. The torrent search utility will show you with the results, along with the size, number of seeders/leechers, ratio, and source of torrent file. All you need to do is right-click the desired torrent and click ‘Open Torrent’ to open it with uTorrent or with any torrent download manager of your choice. Just save the torrent on your computer using the Save Torrent As option.

Download Bit Che to search torrent files from multiple bittorrent trackers

2) Torrent Magnifier – A free desktop torrent search tool for Windows 7 / Vista / XP. Download and install Torrent Magnifier utility and then type any keyword to search for torrent file. Once you hit search button the utility will show you with the results from multiple torrents sites like BTjunkie, Mininova and the Piratebay, along with details like number of seeds, leech and trackers.


Torrent Magnifier is available for download in four different versions; A desktop search engine for Windows based operating systems, Firefox / IE8 search provider, a gadget for Windows 7 and Vista and an Internet Explorer 8 accelerator.

Download Torrent Magnifier for Windows PC

3) TorrentFetcher – It is another free desktop torrent search program that allows you to search torrent files through multiple pages of torrents category wise. Categories include games, TV shows, movies, software and music that are available in every torrent search engine on the web. TorrenFetcher group-sort torrents for quickly finding the file you’re looking for. The search results displays details like name, size, seeders, peers and date of torrent file.


Being simple in interface, the torrent utility has some advance functions that lets you know if a torrent is well or poorly seeded or if it has negative comments left about it. Being color coded, the user can easily make out if a torrent is well seeded or not. To download the torrent using Torrentfetcher to the local computer you need to double click on the file and save it to predefined download directory.

Download TorrentFetcher to Search seeded Torrents

4) Torrent Harvester – Powerful desktop tool to search for Torrents on multiple websites (88 torrent sites). Just enter some text to search torrent file, click the search button to view the torrents on different websites. Right click on a torrent file to download the torrent.


Torrent Harvester also allows you to add new search engines as well using the in-built Engine Designer, and create your own Torrent Harvester update website to distribute engines you create to other users. Completely user-definable engines, allow for creation of search engines for a multitude of different sites: Torrents, IRC, ED2k, Cracks, Keygens, Direct Downloads, etc.

Download Torrent Harvester desktop client tool to find torrents

5) Usniff Desktop Torrent Search Client - Usniff.com is a fast, easy to use, cool looking and free real-time torrent search engine that crawls 17 different torrent sites to give you the best results for your search. Desktop version of useniff is currently in testing. Final release will now be January 2010. Will share you the download link along with review as soon as it is available.

6) Torrentdam – Mac users can use Torrentdam which is desktop based Torrent search utility. The utility allows users to search torrent files from a single or multiple torrent websites like BTJunkie, The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, Mininova, Torrentz, Demonoid, TorrentReactor and MyBittorrent. Supports Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


Due to its simple interface, using TorrentDam is easy. Just type the torrent file keyword (as shown in screenshot) and select the torrent website option. When you hit ‘Search’ button, a webpage will automatically open the related website with the seeded torrent files. Multiple torrent website will fetch results in multiple webpages which is very annoying. The developer should modify its interface so that the torrent search results are displayed inside window only and not in a webpage.

Download desktop torrent search tool for Mac OS

7) Torrentit - With ‘torrent it’ you can search among 6 different websites for torrents. Just type in the torrent you want, choose your website you want to search from, and choose your default webbrowser, and at last hit ‘Search’.

Download Torrentit to search torrent files from multiple torrent trackers

8) PeerSpider – It is a torrent search engine desktop application that allows you to search multiple p2p sites like TorrentSpy, BTJunkie, The Pirate Bay, SpyNova, DownloadAnime, isoHunt, BiteNova, Bittorrent, ExtraTorrent, Snarf-it, Mininova, Torrentz, Demonoid, etc with one single click. Sites appear in their own tabs for easy browsing. You can remove or re-add site tabs from the settings menu.


PeerSpider allows you to add additional torrent website of your choice. Being portable, PeerSpider does not need to be installed, just unzip and place the PeerSpider.exe file anywhere you like.

Download PeerSpider torrent search engine desktop Software

9) Ted – It is a popular torrent episode downloader which has an ability to find episodes of any TV show you like to watch. Just add your favorite shows to ted and the little torrent search utility will look out for the newest episodes and will download them. ted uses bittorrent and RSS technology to get you the newest episodes as fast as possible.


Ted can be used with Azureus, uTorrent, Tomato Torrent, Transmission or any other torrent client. Support Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Download Ted – free torrent TV episode downloader

10) TVShows The torrent downloader automatically downloads your favorite shows to your computer, manage subscriptions and preferences from within the TVShows application with the help of ezrss.it. There is no need to run TVShows constantly. A background process will download new episodes as soon as they are available.


TVShows lets you to choose preferred quality settings (Normal, High or Very High) and TVShows will download the closest one available. Support Mac OS X application

Download TVShows to download torrent episodes

If you know any other desktop torrent search tool for any operating system please share with us in comment section below.

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