How to Disable or Enable USB Drive Across Network

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Pen drive or removable drive is the most common source for spreading virus across computer. In general a USB drive of any kind, a pen-drive, iPod, mp3 Players, mobile phones, all may contain viruses. Earlier we have shared tools like NetWrix USB Blocker and hacks to prevent unauthorized use of removable media that connects to computer USB ports.

USB Disabler from IntelliAdmin is yet another tool used for disabling or enabling USB flash drives on the computer. The tool renames the files to UsbStor.inf.backup, and UsbStor.pnf.backup and sets a registry key that tells the UsbStor driver not to load on boot.


With remote USB flash disabler you can enable or disable USB flash drives of any computer present on your network.


Download – USB Drive Disabler | USB Remote Drive Disabler

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