10 Ways to Download Wikipedia for Offline Browsing

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Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that is being used in tandem with Google while searching for information for reference work. There are some offline tools for Wikipedia browsing that allow you to download or save full Wikipedia on your computer hard drive which can later be burnt to DVD or can be carried on USB drive.

Offline Wikipedia comes handy when you want to make a technical presentation in a short time and your office policy does not allow browsing internet. Below are 10 software programs and hacks that allow you to access Wikipedia Offline on PC and Mobiles without being connected to internet.

10 Software Tools to Save or Download Wikipedia

1) WikiTaxi

WikiTaxi is a portable application that allows you to download Wikipedia for offline use. WikiTaxi stores all the Wikipedia pages in its database using compression technique so that Wikipedia can be easily carried on an 8 GB memory stick. In simple terms, it lets you take the backup of Wikipedia for offline reading.


This Wikipedia downloader tool lets you read, search, and browse Wikipedia offline without having broadband Internet connection. Being multilingual, users can download Wikipedia in different languages. Developers at WikiTaxi ensure that the content is in sync with the Wikipedia and thus updates regularly with the original Wikipedia database dumps.

Using WikiTaxi is simple. Just extract the WikiTaxi archive to any folder of your hard drive, or a portable USB stick and double-click on WikiTaxi.exe to run WikiTaxi. The welcome screen guides you through a few simple steps to download and import your first Wiki.

Download WikiTaxi to read Wikipedia Offline

2) Pocket Wikipedia

Pocket Wikipedia is equivalent to about fifteen volume encyclopedia with 24,000 images and 14 million words that works on PocketPC, Windows and Linux.


The offline copy of Wikipedia has been developed by Schools Wikipedia and is available for download here.

Download Pocket Wikipedia for offline access to encyclopedia

3) Okawix

The free wikipedia downloader Okawix developed by Linterweb, allows you to download, archive or save the whole content of Wikipedia, with or without images for offline access or without any internet connection as if you are browsing to Wikipedia DVD. Supports : Windows, Mac OS, Linux.


With Okawix you can browse the articles of Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, etc in 253 languages. Okawix lets you store Wikipedia articles on the hard drive of your computer, a CD, or a USB flash drive, and then to browse the Wikipedia articles off-line without being connected to the Internet. If your computer is running out of disk space, then you can choose to copy the articles without the pictures.

4) MediaWiki

Wikipedia runs on MediaWiki which is open source software. MediaWiki runs on MySQL and PHP, as well as possibly Linux and Apache.


For Offline Wikipedia access, just install your own MediaWiki and download pages dump of Wikipedia to your hard disk.

  • Install WAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows).
  • Install MediaWiki.
  • Download and install a pages dump of Wikipedia.

The current dump is the 2008-06 edition. This dump has no image snapshot, it’s just HTML. You can decompress the archives with 7-zip format.

5) Wikipedia Selection for Schools

Offline Wikipedia for Schools carries about 5500 articles that can be burnt to a DVD for offline reading. The Wikipedia content is available for free download from the SOS Children website or as a 3.5GB free DVD.

Wikipedia Selection for Schools DVD

It is important to note that the ‘Wikipedia for Schools’ version is recommended for use by students of age between 8-18.

Download Wikipedia for Schools DVD

6) Zipedia

Zipedia is a Mozilla Add-on for Firefox that allows you to browse Wikipedia offline. The To access the offline resource you need to just type in – wikipedia://wiki/.


update: Does not work anymore.

7) Using Google Gears

Ben Lisbakken, support developer for Gears Project, has developed a hack that allows you to download the Full Wikipedia on your computer hard drive for free. Later you can burn the WikiPedia content on DVD for offline reading. We all know that Google Gears allow offline access to websites. According to Ben, by using Gears with the Firefox Greasemonkey plugin, you can inject Gears code into any website that you want. If you are a geek then follow the step-by-step process of how to take Wikipedia offline.

8) Wikipedia on iPhone or iPod Touch

Download a complete copy of Wikipedia encyclopedia to your iPhone/iPod Touch for offline access. After installing Wikipedia App for iPhone, you can browse Wikipedia on your device without any internet connectivity.


The app provides you the complete article text, and not references, image descriptions, user profiles, etc. To install offline Wikipedia on iPhone or iPod Touch make sure that you have a free storage space of about 2 GB.

Download Offline Wikipedia on iPhone/iPod Touch (English)

9) WikiPock

Read, search or access Wikipedia articles offline without an internet connection with mobile application WikiPock. The Wikipedia articles are stored in mobile phone’s memory with easy user interface.

Wikipock Wikipedia

Wikipedia dump download is available for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian mobile phones in 19 languages including English, Spanish, French for 9.99 Euro.

Download WikiPock to save Wikipedia on Mobile

10) Wikipedia in DVD format
A DVD of around 2000 articles from the English speaking Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Version 0.5 CD is compatible with Windows (back to 98), Macintosh (Intel) OS X and Linux x86 and is available for $13.99 plus shipping.


If you want to download Wikipedia in your local disc space of your computer for your personal use then visit here.

If you are a real geek or nerd then you may try WP-Download to download and import Wikipedia SQL dumps using. For more information visit github to learn more about WP-Download.

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