Download Purplesn0w to unlock iPhone 3GS

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Geohotz has released purplesn0w and is available for download. Purplesn0w is a soft unlock for your iPhone 3GS that takes minimal resources, and it does not add a task to your baseband. Earlier George Hotz have released purplera1n to jailbreak iPhone 3GS.


George Hotz added –

Wifi fails? Battery fails? Unlock fails? You need purplesn0w, the geohot 3GS unlock solution. All it does is patch three files, CommCenter, lockdownd, and your wildcard activation plist(which you need, activate w at&t sim first, no hacktivation support yet). That’s it, no other files are installed. Props to Oranav for the at+xlog exploit!

How to Unlock iPhone 3GS with Purplesn0w


  1. Be sure to have legit activated iPhone 3GS
  2. Disable 3G if you don’t have it(like T-Mobile).
  3. Add to Cydia
  4. Install com.geohot.purplesn0w
  5. Watch for success output in Cydia
  6. Reboot, and enjoy your unlocked iPhone

Download – [Purplesn0w]

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