iPhone 3.2 Beta 3 SDK for iPad is LIVE !!!

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Beta 3 version of the iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad is currently available in the hands of a few developers and not that of all.  iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 3 brings lots of new API improvements and bug fixes.


There was no discrimination by Apple but only the choice to remove from the download software that, officially, it had some bugs. Some of the faster development or those who managed to download the iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad Beta 3 before it was removed in these situations have some exclusive screenshots of what will be the graphical iPad regardless of their NDA agreement initialed. Following the first images of the iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad Beta 3 they are doing in this hour around the Mac Web.

Screenshot Images : iPhone 3.2 Beta 3 SDK for iPad

iPad SDK Beta 3-1

iPad SDK Beta 3-2iPad SDK Beta 3-3

In order to download, install and test the beta version of iPad, you are required to buy  membership of the iPhone developer program that starts with at least US$99/year.

iPhone 3.2 Beta 3 SDK for iPad (Direct Download Links)

Download iPhone 3.2 Beta 3 SDK (Apple Developer Connection)

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