Compute & Verify MD5 and SHA1 hash with File Hash Checker

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File Hash Checker lets you compute the checksum value MD5 and SHA1 hash of any file. You can then check the computed hash against a database of known MD5 and SHA1. Currently, the database contains the hashes from ISO of Microsoft products like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Office, in English and French.

file hash checker

File Hash Checker can be used by users who use Microsoft products and keep them as ISO on their hard drive ensuring that the ISO image has not been corrupted before they use it.

File Hash Checker application is WPF based and uses a new feature of Windows 7 to display a progress bar in the taskbar. File Hash Checker Version 1.1 supports shell integration. Just right click on any file, and click “Compute MD5 and SHA1” to launch this application and compute the hash.

shell integration

File Hash Checker Requirements :

  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP or Vista with .net Framework 3.5 installed

Download File Hash Checker compute the MD5 and SHA1 hash of any file

File Hash Checker

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