Bing (tool) Bar for IE & Firefox available for download

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Bing Bar for Internet Explorer & Firefox has been released and is available for download. Bing Bar is based on the MSN Toolbar. Bing bar flags all manner of online content, from emai to  music and everything in between. And the Bing Bar aso features the “no-fail-cashsaver,” which alerts you when you are about to make a purchase that misses out on Bing cashback – a program that puts the percentage of the purchase price back in your pocket. Make sure that you have installed Silverlight in order to use the new Bing bar.

bing bar

The Bing toolbar integrates with Internet Explorer 8 running on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with SP2 and SP3, including IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 3.0 and Firefox 3.6.

As just mentioned, Bing Bar will be based on MSN Toolbar and most of the options will remain same. For example: Hotmail preview, Windows Live Messenger button, weather, stocks, etc. buttons. Bing Toolbar will be having functionalities like automatically fill in a form and privacy model, Security Center. Auto-complete feature requires users to set personal information in the options, once the page need to fill out the information form, click on the toolbar “Autofill” button to complete the fill.

Bing Bar Features

  • Search Assist –Type in the search box and view suggested searches (similar to Google Toolbar), image suggestions, and your search history. Bing bar is much more powerful as it provides you with more search options (like images, videos, etc) in the bar.
  • Browse Plus – Many times you want knowledge and information to come to you without making a search. The Bing Bar pulls content from across the web and alerts you to breaking news when it’s happening. Just tell the Bing bar to watch things for you – like stocks and sports – and let it handle the searches for you.
  • No-Fail Cash Detector – Let the Bing Bar help you save money when shopping online. Do a search on a site like and the Bing Bar conducts a “search” on your behalf, figures out if there are merchants where you can get Bing Cashback on that product, and alerts you by flashing the Cashback icon.

Download Bing Bar Installer for IE and Firefox

Bing Bar

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