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Following are some of the questions that may be reeling in everyone’s mind who are not able to access their favorite websites despite connected to internet.

 Q1- How to visit YouTube, Gmail, MySpace, and dozens of other sites that are routinely blocked by IT  departments or school

  Q2- How can I protect or conceal my identity so that the website I am visiting does not know who I am?

  Q3- How to open popular messengers (Msn, AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk) that are blocked?


 Using Ctunnel, a CGI Proxy service you can easily brose the blocked website in your workplace, school  or college. It is different from standard “Open Proxies” in many ways-


1)      You need not to configure your browser while using Ctunnel.

2)      Ctunnel allows the HTTP Form Post method, which means that many websites that require logins will work with Ctunnel that will not work with the majority of free proxies.

3)      Ctunnel allow file downloads, whereas many proxies do not.


How to use Ctunnel-

  • Visit http://ctunnel.com/ . If you want to enter in secure mode then click the option “Enable SSL Encryption”.Follow the screenshot below.
  • Enter the web address and hit enter to visit your favorite website.


To prevent abuse of the service Ramuglia (The 25-year-old webmaster and entrepreneur and the operator of Ctunnel.com) logs each user’s IP address, along with the time and web destination. But still the hackers managed to broke into Sarah Palin’s, a US vice Presidential candidate’s, Yahoo email account few days back. Ramuglia is keeping a close watch on the logs to figure out the culprit after he received a phone call from an FBI special agent from the Anchorage, Alaska.

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