How to Create your own Windows 7 theme

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Microsoft Windows 7 is full of unique features and one of them is create your own Windows 7 theme without using and software. We have already discussed about how to change Logon Screen for Windows 7 and have shared Beautiful collection of Windows 7 Wallpapers. Now we will be discussing about how to create your own custom Windows 7 theme with your own set of background pictures. Follow the steps below to create your own Windows 7 theme.


Step-01– Navigate to Start -> Control Panel.


Step-02- Under ‘Appearance and Personalization’, click on ‘Change the Theme’.  Once you click it you will end up on landing on ‘Personalization’.


Step-03- Click on the ‘Desktop Background’ at the bottom left of the screen to select the background pictures from your picture files on your computer,

Step-04- Select one or more to include in your new Windows 7 theme. If multiple pictures are selected then these pictures change over in a carousel on your desktop.


Step-05- Select the ‘Picture Position’ of these pictures and how they will be displayed, either FILL FIT, STRETCH, TILE or CENTRE.

Step-06- Select the time from the drop down list to decide how often each picture will change over to the next one on your desktop.


Step-06- Select ‘Shuffle’ to rotate the pictures randomly or deselect the option to rotate the pictures in the sequence they are already.


Step-07- Click on ‘Save Changes’.


Step-08- For setting color scheme for the windows borders navigate to Start Menu and the taskbar and click on ‘Window Color’ and you will then be presented with a choice of colors in different tiles as shown in screenshot below. 


Step-09- Click on any colored TILE and you will see the various options. 

  • Enable Transparency – Check or uncheck the option to enable or disable the color transparency.
  • Color intensity – Change the color intensity by sliding the bar either left or right.
  • Hide Color Mixer – Adjust the Hue, Saturation and the Brightness of the Windows 7 theme.


Step-10- If you are satisfied with your theme then save the changes.


Step-11- Now Right click on your theme and then save it as a Windows Theme Pack File for sharing with friends.


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