18 Sites to Create Cartoons from your Digital Photo

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Most of us are not comfortable using real photos to represent ourselves in any online profiles, why not create a cartoon character from digital photo? The cartoon character may not resemble you exactly but can represent you at least. Below is the list of 18 free Sites that allows you to create cartoon characters from your digital images online for free.


Meez – It is a vibrant online social community that combines a virtual world, avatars and games, creating an immersive environment where users can personalize their identity, connect with friends, socialize and share media.

FotoSketcher – It is a free tool that turns your digital photos into painting, a sketch or a drawing, automatically. This online tool is equipped with different styles – pencil sketch, pen and ink drawing, various painting renderings.


BeFunky – Helps you to create cartoon characters from your own digital image. All you need is a computer with internet connection. Open befunky and upload your photos from your computer desktop or any folder to create artistic image without the need for any technical knowledge. If your photo is hosted on photo sharing sites like Flickr, FaceBook and Photo Bucket then just specify the url. Befunky will do the rest. BeFunky supports JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats.


GoAnimate – The tool allows you to make your own animated cartoon online straight from your web browser, and its free.


Portrait Illustration Maker – Create your own cartoon character of your choice completely free. Once you create cartoon character or avatar just right-click on the icon and then select “Save Picture As…” from the menu.


Yahoo Avatars This is most common and widely used service to create online avatars. If you want to create avatar or cartoon character that can laugh, frown, or wink at a cute guy or gal then Yahoo avatars works best.


South Park Studios – Create your own cartoon character in South Park Studio style. You also have the options to choose the underwear-clad models and dress the cartoon characters with clothes and accessories.


Cartoon Photo – The tool allows you to change the facial expressions in photos of people. Make a sad person smile, or make a most cool-headed one wear a surprised expression.


Zwinky – Helps you to create your own online avatar and cartoon character. Just choose the character along with tons of clothes and accessories available.


CartoonMe – Just upload your digital photo and your photo will be converted to cartoon character within 72 hours. You can then use your Cartoon on MSN messenger, ICQ, Skype, MySpace, blog, etc. The service is not free as the cartoons are drawn by hand by expert cartoonists.


SimpsonizemeTurn your photo into a simpson like character.




The Simpsons Movie – This is a film’s promo site that allows you to create your own simpson like character with wide collection of eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles and clothes available.


Joystiq – It has a custom tool for creating cartoon images that look like Nintendo’s “Mii” avatars for its Wii game console.


FaceYourManga – Help you to create an online cartoon or avatar to express yourself on forums, live messenger, skype, etc. Supports multiple language.



Monjee – It is a fun tool with which you can convert your photo into funny cartoons. You can also add interesting effects, face arts like masks and tattoos to them.


WeeWorld – You can create your own WeeMees, a cartoon character that resembles you and can meet and interact with other WeeMees, invite friends, send messages, play games and create your own online cartoon page.



KusoCartoon – Easily converts your digital photo into a cartoon character. Just select a style you want to draw cartoon and upload your picture. In few seconds your photo will be converted into cartoon character. You can also add cartoon bubbles on the cartoon picture. Supported formats are – jpg, bmp, png



Sp-Studio – If you want to create your own cartoon characters in south park style then sp-studio is perfect choice.



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