Control the Sound Volume with a Wheel Mouse

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Adjusting volume by clicking the icon on task bar is a time consuming activity. First you find the icon and then you click it to open the advance volume control option. This two step process is very annoying when you are required to change the volume repeatedly. With Volumouse which works on windows based PC, you can control the sound volume on your computer just by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse.


In this tool you can easily define a set of rules for determining when the wheel will be used for changing the sound volume. If the rules does not meet the criteria you defined, then your mouse wheel will be used for the regular scrolling tasks, exactly as before. For example: Volumouse can be configured to use your mouse wheel for volume control when the Shift key is hold down, when the left mouse button is down, when the mouse cursor is over the taskbar, and so on.


Following plugins can be used with Volumouse to make the tool more powerful.

  • HideThisApp Plugin – This is a simple plugin that will allow you to hide the active window by pressing a key combination, and showing it again by pressing another key combination, you define.
  • MoveResize Plugin – This will allow you to resize or move the current active window by rolling the mouse wheel or by pressing a hot-key.
  • OpenCloseCD Plugin It allows you to open and close the door of your CD-ROM/DVD by rolling the mouse wheel or by pressing a hot-key.

Download – [Volumouse]

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