35+ Amazon S3 Tools and Plugins for Windows, Mac and Linux

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Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Amazon S3 is a cheap and cost effective way to handle sudden increase in traffic (such as from Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon). Many bloggers are using Amazon S3 to host their images and other static media (such as mp3 files for their podcasts). Accessing and managing S3 account is not simple as it seems. Below is the list of Amazon S3 tools to access and manage S3 account on Windows, Mac, Linux powered computers.



  1. S3Sync  It easily transfers directories between a local directory and an S3 bucket. s3sync runs on linux and Windows.
  2. Quillen S3 BackupQuillen backs up your important files to Amazon S3 with minimum data transfer and storage. Support command line interface.
  3. WinS3fs Allows access to Amazon S3 Storage by implementing a local virtual SMB server. Supports Windows filesystem.
  4. S3Tools – It has OpenSource tools to access Amazon S3 file storage. s3cmd  is a unix-like tools to manage stored files from command line. s3browser allows you to view stored files in a browser and s3fuse helps you in mounting the S3 storage locally.
  5. Js3Tream – You can easily backup files to the Amazon S3 Web Service Storage using Windows, Linux or OSX and allows you to transfer files to and from Amazon. Great for backups using TAR or ZIP.
  6. River Drive The tool helps you to store files and taking backup of your files to a safe, encrypted environment. River Drive is a Windows and Linux GUI and CLI interface to Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3).
  7. Bonkey – Tool for backing up files to multiple locations, including Amazon’s S3. Runs on Windows, OS X and Linux.
  8. Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In – This Amazon S3 plugin allows you to send large files from within Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above using various server platforms including Velodoc XP Edition, Velodoc Enterprise Edition, BITS servers, FTP servers, UNC file shares and Amazon S3.
  9. S3 Bucket Master – Allows you to create or delete Amazon S3 buckets, browse stored keys, upload or download encrypted or compressed files and helps you in managing Access Control Lists in amazon.com’s Simple Storage Service (S3).
  10. S3-Util – Command line utility to manage data and buckets on an Amazon S3 account. It provides a getopt interface and portable xml configuration for easy usage and integration with scripts.
  11. Google Desktop File Storage  – Allows you to drag and drop files onto it for storage and retrieval. Files are stored in various backing store implementations, including Local File System, Amazon S3 etc. Supports Windows.
  12. S3Fish – It is an open source bucket explorer tool for Amazon S3.
  13. cloudbuddy – An open source, windows based bucket explorer tool for Amazon S3.
  14. S3cmd – Command line tool to upload, retrieve and manage data in Amazon S3.
  15. S3Fuse – Tool to mount S3 buckets as local resource on  Unix/Linux systems.
  16. S3Drive – Allows you to access Amazon S3 web storage space as a local network drive. S3Drive is a Windows application.
  17. S3Fox – It is a Firefox browser extension using which you can synchronize files between local folder and Amazon S3 automatically. Resembles with any FTP client with two windows to operate. You can upload and download multiple files, manage S3 Cloud Front Distributions, synchronize folders with local system, modify Access Control Policies, create time limited urls and create or edit and use multiple S3 accounts. S3Fox Supports Windows, Linux and Mac.
  18. Sync2S3 – Commercial tool that helps you to manage S3 buckets and resources through the browser. 
  19. S3Browse – You can use this website to manage your Amazon S3 account.
  20. Amazon S3 plugin for WordPress – Allows you to easily use Amazon S3 with your WordPress blog. S3 Bucket can be easily accessed from the WordPress admin screen.
  21. FlickR to S3 backup Tool – This open source tool allows you to backup your FlickR photos to your Amazon S3 account.
  22. JetS3t – It is a Java toolkit for using Amazon S3 that comes with two tools, Synchronize and Cockpit. Synchronize sync files between your S3 account and local computer. Cockpit (GUI Interface) lets you upload and download files as well as manage ACLs.
  23. Amazon S3Fox This Firefox add-on provides a FTP like interface (Windows Explorer) to upload and manage files on S3.
  24. S3 Backup – As the name suggest it is an encrypted free online backup solution for uploading or downloading files from S3 – just pick a file or a folder on the local hard drive to put it to S3.
  25. Transmit – It is a popular FTP client for Mac OS X that allows you to upload, download and manage your Amazon S3 storage like a Mac app.
  26. Jungle Disk – It provides a web interface to manage your files on S3 and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Jungle Disk helps you in taking backup of files and folders from your local hard drive onto Amazon S3 automatically. Excellent tool for slower bandwidth connections.
  27. WordPress Plugin – This WordPress plugin allows you to use Amazon’s Simple Storage Service to host your media (files,images, video or audio files) for your WordPress powered blog. The plugin helps you in browsing Amazon S3 hosted files, upload new files, and create new folders without having to leave the WordPress edit screen.
  28. Bucket Explorer Bucket Explorer is the best of all the “front ends” for S3. It helps you in browsing buckets and the files stored at Amazon S3 and scheduling of upload, download, and copy operations. Files and folders can easily be copied or moved within same S3 account or to different account. The utility also track account activities with bucket logging and SimpleDB audit report. Public URLs and signed URLs can be created to share the files. If you accidental delete a file or a bucket from your S3 account you can recover it from Bucket Explorer’s recycle bin, which is a unique feature not available elsewhere. This powerful S3 tool is not free and cost about US$49.99 for single license.
  29. S3 Browser – Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to upload or  download files to and from Amazon S3. You can easily browse, create or delete Amazon S3 Buckets. The S3 utility allows you to edit custom headers and set Access Control on Buckets and Files easily. You may also keep the backed up data on Multiple Data Centers.
  30. Cross FTP – Tool to transfer files from Amazon S3 storage space and your local computer  like the FTP file transfer client You can create buckets, set access control ,Schedule batch transfer or even change the CloudFront distribution settings of individual files with Cross FTP. 
  31. S3 for Live Writer – Plugin to upload images, documents and other files to your Amazon S3 account directly from Windows Live Writer. You can also browse the existing files on your Amazon S3 account. Handy tool for Bloggers.
  32. CloudBerry Explorer – With this tool you can manage files in Amazon S3 storage easily by providing a user interface to Amazon S3 multiple accounts, files, and buckets. You can set up bucket logging to track usage, control, file permissions and delete or temporarily disable CloudFront distributions Full review here.
  33. Gladinet – The tool helps you in mounting Amazon S3 folders to Windows Explorer. You can then access S3 buckets and files to drag and drop files between Amazon S3 and Windows Explorer. Integrates well with SkyDrive, Google Docs, Google Picasa, ADrive and many more.
  34. S3Anywhere – It is an Amazon S3 file manager for Google Android Handsets. It allows you to manage S3 buckets, download and upload files to Amazon S3. File managers allows renaming, deleting, and copying files. You can view permissions (ACL) on each file.
  35. OpenS3 – The utility allow you to synchronize your S3 files on iPhone / iPod Touch and edit any office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), via integrated Zoho office. You can also view your PDF’s instantly through their integration with iPaper, and also view photos, share files, and collaborate using business groups easily.
  36. Bucket Upload – It is a free application for smart mobile devices like Nokia N Series that allows uploading files to an Amazon S3 bucket. BucketUpload provides a file browser to list folders from local file system, phone memory and SD card.
  37. S3 Solutions – It is a list of other S3 related tools on the Amazon Developer Connection.
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