Add Digital Signatures to PDF Documents with JSignPdf

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Adding Digital Signature to PDF documents enable companies or parties to exchange confidential documents electronically with an assurance that the information has not been altered since it was sent. It also provides verification against the signer’s digital identity.


JSignPdf is an open source Java application that lets you add digital signatures to PDF documents and supports visible signatures, PDF encryption, certification levels and much more. Version 0.9.0 adds embedded Unicode font to visible signatures and allows setting font size there. The tool can be freely used for both private and commercial use and supports Windows OS and Linux.


Screenshots in Action


Key features of JSignPdf

  1. visible signatures – image and/or description located visualy in a PDF file (page and position can be specified)
  2. several different keystore types (as provided by Java)
  3. adding digital signatures to PDF
  4. setting certification level
  5. PDF encryption and setting rights
  6. comprehensive Swing GUI
  7. embedded Unicode font for Layer 2 texts in visible signature (fix for i18n and
    PDF/A specification)
  8. additional option for setting font size in visible signature
  9. support for batch processing (controlled by command line arguments, without GUI)

Features planned for next versions:

  • GUI for signature verification

Download – JSignPdf | Troubleshooting Tips

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