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This is a world of social networking now.Many new social networking websites are pouring in the webworld like Facebook , orkut,linkedIn,ryze etc.Many companies do not allow access to these websites because they think that productivity can be increased by blocking them.

But if you are not lucky as me then I have a workaround for you.Well the solution lies with “Modazzle”. MoDazzle brings your social networks to you anywhere you are. Everyone knows how to send emails and sms’ so there’s nothing to learn using Modazzle.

Through it you will be able to access Facebook, LinkedIn and dozens of other services like weather, stock quotes, etc.) via email or mobile text messaging (sms). Below are some of the things that you can do with the help of MoDazzle :
  • You can Access, retrieve and update profile information (ex. LinkedIN, Facebook): You can update your Facebook ‘status’, get ‘un-read’ messages from your Facebook inbox, get someone’s profile info from LinkedIn.
  • You can use it as a directory service: get driving directions, restaurant reviews, location of the nearest Starbucks, and so on and so forth.
  • You can access your profile on: LinkedIN, Facebook, Lavalife,, Hoovers, and VentureSource.
  • Information Services: latest news, Stock quotes, weather forecasts, driving directions, nearest Starbucks locations, restaurant reviews, flight updates,
  • You can even Invite friends from your Yahoo Mail or Gmail address books.
  • You can use MoDazzle from several email addresses or mobile phones.
  • Examples:
    For instance, to update your Facebook status you can either send an email to ‘’ with your new status message in the subject line, or send an SMS message to ‘22553?.
    For instance, you can send an email to with the subject SELF to read messages posted on your Facebook wall – alter the subject like ALICE to read ALICE’s Facebook wall.
  • What are you waiting for Just check out MoDazzle for other features @

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