About us

Binary Head saw the light for the first time on August 21th, 2007. Since then it has become one of the authority sites for internet users, providing readers with a extensive knowledge about internet.


The blog provides you with the –

  1. Advance Computer tips.
  2. Internet & Online tips.
  3. Information about important freeware available.
  4. Updated technology news related to upcoming web2.0.
  5. Software Tips.
  6. iPhone Unlock and Jailbreak Tools
  7. Tips on life productivity and much more…

On an average 30 articles are published per month. The blog has been selected by elite blogburst and around 100 articles have been published on various news sites like – Reuters, Chicago Sun times, Computer Shopper, Ziff Davis Enterprise, IBS, Fox News, Coxohio.com.


About the Author

 About Online Tips is hand crafted work of Chris Martin, who is a Computer Specialist with a top international consulting firm. He stays in India. Despite busy work schedule he takes time out to write interesting and useful stuff pertaining to online users.



Some Stats

 With the current PR of 3, About Online Tips generates close to 3,00,000 page-views a month and it’s popularity is growing very rapidly.


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Note – The content of this page will be updated regularly.



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